2023 Cambridge Chinese Community Centre Lunar New Year Celebration Programme revealed

The Cambridge Chinese Community Lunar New Year Gala will be held on Sunday, January 22, 2023 at The Netherhall school Atrium hall, (Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge CB1 8NN).
The temple fair starts at 11:00 a.m., and the Spring Festival party starts at 13:30-16:30 a.m.; Dinner 18:00-20:00.

The first offline Spring Festival Gala after three years of the epidemic. We sing and dance to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. This year, we have used more effort, more enthusiasm, and the support and help of more people to carefully prepare this big show.

The scale of our program has reached new highs: song, dance, Peking Opera, Allegro, crosstalk, magic, band, acrobatics, Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese folk music、。。。 We are going to start exploring and sharing with you.

In addition to the programme, the sponsorship of our Spring Festival Gala has excelled. To this end, we have prepared great prizes for everyone to give you all good luck in the New Year.

The temple fair will be a joyful experience. There are not only scrumptious food stalls, but also many cultural stalls suitable for all the family.

The King’s representative, Cambridge MP, Mayor and guests from all walks of life will also attend the Spring Festival Gala and spend the festival with us.

What are friends who have not booked tickets waiting for.

Ticketing link:


How to enter: Please use eventbrite E-tickets issued for admission

Physical tickets:

Winner’s Chinese Supermarket

47 High St, Cambridge CB1 9HX

Highlight 1 Crosstalk

Crosstalk, as an art, is a must-have meal for ordinary people in the Spring Festival Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Mr Linquan Ma

He is an actor at the London Crosstalk Conference and a member of the Chinese-British Opera Association. He has performed crosstalk in London, Cambridge, Portsmouth and other places in the UK. He has participated in the Paris Crosstalk Conference, the German Crosstalk Conference, and crosstalk performances in many small theatres in China. He often performs crosstalk “Four Famous Dans”, “Qua House”, “On Funny” and so on.


Actor in London Crosstalk Conference. Since childhood, he has loved the art of opera, and his performance style is fresh and generous. Often perform crosstalk “Bell Score”, “Learn Foreign Language”, “Self-Inflicted Fruit” and so on.

Highlight 2 Peking Opera

JIN Haikun

At the age of 10, he attended Oxford Summer Filds Primary School. Since childhood, he has loved the art of Peking Opera, studied Peking Opera veterans and Jinghu with Qiu Zenghui, President of the Sino-British Opera Association, participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown and the Spring Festival in Southampton, and actively participated in various activities such as fundraising performances for Afghan children.

Qiu Zenghui

President, British Chinese Opera Association She is an active and versatile Chinese musician with over 30 years of stage experience, including Peking Opera and Chinese folk music. Graduated from Tianjin Opera School and China Opera Academy, he has worked in Beijing Peking Opera and Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Troupe for nearly ten years.

Since moving to the UK in 1999, Qiu has performed at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and Royal Albert Hall, the Barcelona Conservatory, and the World Music Festival WOMEX 2006 (Spain) and WOMAD 2007 (UK). She has taught opera classes at SOAS, University of London, and has given many music and opera lectures in the UK. She has collaborated with Western musicians (including Damon Albarn’s Journey to the West project) and has recorded several records.

Qiu has worked on several theatrical productions, including Music Director of critically acclaimed Wild Swans at the Young Vic and ART Theatre in Boston in 2012 and the critically acclaimed Young Vic and ART Theatre and Yeh Shen (Yellow Earth) in Boston in 2015. Other theatrical productions include Why the Lion Danced (Yellow Earth, 2011/13 – Music Director/Performer), The Golden Dragon (Actors Touring Company, 2011 – Music Director), Slippery Mountain (Not So Loud Theatre, 2008 – Music Director/Performer), and several performances with True Heart Theatre Company in London Playback Theatre performances.

Qiu Zenghui plays a wide variety of Chinese instruments, including jinghu, erhu, yueqin, hulusi, guzheng, zhongruan, cheng (ocarina), flute, suona and a variety of percussion instruments.

Over the years, Qiu Zenghui has spread Chinese culture, promoted the art of Peking Opera, and been enthusiastic about public welfare, and her deeds have been reported by CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and many other media. She won the 2022 Outstanding Female Volunteer Award.

Highlight 3 Chinese Dance

Cambridge Chinese Centre Dance Art Troupe, UK

Under the teaching and leadership of dance art instructor Wang Ting, the members won the gold medal of group dance and the first place in the group competition of the International Taoli Cup Dance Competition; Outstanding Performance Award for Solo Dance. Wang Ting, Holly, Julie, Rose, Ma Dan, Fang Dong, Alice, Tina; The wonderful dance posture shows the joys and sorrows of the world, exudes the desire for happiness and beauty, and is fortunate to spread Chinese traditional dance culture to more audiences around the world, share the grand event of the development of Chinese dance culture, and jointly inherit a wisp of agarwood of Chinese classical dance.

In the past 20 years, all members of Cambridge Chinese Centre Dance Art Troupe are from medical workers, scientific researchers, education workers, full-time mothers, private entrepreneurs and other walks of life, all members of the dance art troupe have actively participated in public welfare activities, with full enthusiasm, sincere emotions, the most beautiful attitude to show the positive spiritual outlook and style of local Chinese!

Highlight 4 Chinese Solo

Ms Duan Zhenzhen

  • The overall champion of the adult category of the 2020 Global Chinese “Water Cube Cup” Singing Competition
  • Chief singer of the British Chinese Art Centre
  • In 2023, the original song “You Are a Flower” will be released
  • In 2023, the original song “Better Tomorrow” will be released
  • In 2022, the new song “We Are Happy Together” will be released by the British Chinese Arts Centre, and the British version will be successfully shortlisted for the “World Chinese Original Music Golden Song List” and will be exhibited in 157 countries and regions around the world.
  • In 2022, a new song “Tangled” will be released
  • 2021 Chinese New Year, the British mainstream media “Channel 8” official webpage recommended Chinese singers
  • Special guest singer at the 2020 Chinese New Year Reception of the Chinese Embassy in the UK
  • In January 2020, a new song “I Love China” was released
  • In October 2020, she released new songs such as “Firm Faith” and “How Good Are You” and other personal singles
  • Chief director of the 2017 All England August Day Gala
  • In 2018, she successfully held the “Duan Zhenzhen Military Singer Solo Concert” in Regent Street, London
  • In 2018, she was invited to participate in the top 32 of CCTV International Channel’s global Chinese debate competition “The World Listen to Me”
  • Special guest at the 2019 annual ceremony of the large-scale singing reality show “Mamma Mia”
  • Official tutor of VV Music APP, designated judge of the official annual singing competition
  • Engaged in online and offline vocal teaching. Students are distributed around the world, including China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Australia and more than a dozen countries.

Highlight 5 The Moment of Witnessing the Miracle – Magic World magic

Jez Bond magic show Performer: Jez Bond Philip M. Bond

Philip Bond is a popular magician who has been a guest magician for CBeebies Circus (BBC) and magic consultant for Alice in Wonderland, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, among others. His performance in our Spring Festival Gala in 2019 was well received by everyone! This is his performance in our Spring Festival Gala in 2019.

What different surprises can he bring us after 4 years? We are very fortunate to have invited his son in this year’s Spring Festival Gala, the prestigious

Chairman of The Ambridge Pentacle Magic Club, the winner of Family Entertainer of the Year 2022 (Family Entertainer of the Year 2022) – Jez Bond.

Jez Bond is known as a high-energy comedic magician born into a family of performers. In more than 20 years of performance career around the world, he has won various awards many times and is known as Man of Fun.

Here’s a video of our two Mr. Bonds performing at British Got Talent

Highlight 6 Neon Moon Show

Neon Moon delivers Britain’s most riveting and captivating show. Over the past 10 years, their unique live performances, which bring together diverse international talent from the current cabaret, circus, dance, drag, immersive theatre and comedy scenes, have garnered international acclaim.

Highlight 7 Duet Singing by Miss Joy Xiong and Rose Xu

Joy Lilan Xiong

She began to learn piano at the age of five, and vocal music at the age of ten. In 2016, she was admitted to the Music Department of the Art College of Renmin University of China with the first place in the country. Bass singer Yang Yi. Currently studying at UCL, studying for a postgraduate degree in music education.

She has won the gold medal of the undergraduate professional group in the “Japan Osaka International Vocal Music Competition”; the gold medal in the small chorus group of the first “Hunan Huanglong Art Festival”; the gold medal in the piano professional group of the “Ninth Chutian Art Competition” in Hubei Province.

During her undergraduate period, she was among the best in grades. She has won first-class scholarships in competitions for many times, a special Jingdong scholarship and the title of outstanding graduates of Renmin University of China. In 2017, he participated in the famous soprano singer Chen Bei’s solo concert as a guest singer. In the same year, she was invited to participate in the recording of CCTV3’s “What a Big Tree”. “Concert” performance, and released the NetEase Cloud cooperation single “Beautiful” in May; in 2019, she was invited to perform at the “Beijing Zhongguancun New Year Concert”.

Rose Xu

Piano major at Trinity College of Music, London, 2021 first class honors graduate.

Highlight 8 Guqin Instrument Performance

Cambridge Guqin Society

Cambridge Guqin Club started from the first guqin class before the epidemic. In the past three years, under the leadership of founder Shi Yang, musician Dr. Cheng Yu and the teachers of London Youlan Qin Club, they have been taking part in the Cambridge Chinese Community Center. With strong support, despite the epidemic, it is still able to thrive. In addition to holding elegant gatherings and exchanging piano skills with each other, piano friends also actively participate in various large-scale club celebrations, doing their best to promote Chinese culture, and let more Chinese friends and foreign friends get in touch with us. The oldest music of the nation.

Beautiful and warm Spring Festival dinner – Cambridge Nines

To thank all members of Cambridge Chinese community, the Chinese community will celebrate the festival at NINES Restaurant in Cambridge on the evening of the Spring Festival Gala

Spring Festival Gala tickets can enjoy preferential treatment.

Souvenirs and a free raffle ticket for everyone

In order to create a festive atmosphere for everyone, the event venue will be decorated as a “Little China” that night, with red lanterns, festive Chinese knots, beautiful paper cuts, lively firecrackers… Here, you feel like you are in the arms of your motherland; At the same time, in order to express our condolences to everyone, we have prepared a gift package for each guest who participated in the Spring Festival Gala. I hope that the strong festive atmosphere will make you feel the warmth of going home for the New Year.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors(in no particular order)

Title Sponsor – Hainan Sanhui Company

Hainan Sanhui Education Company is in Sanya City, Hainan Province. The founder, Yan Xicheng, is a young entrepreneur with rich overseas study experience and vice president of the Hainan Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The company is committed to serving the opening and development and modernisation of Hainan, focusing on international and domestic modern education, culture, science and technology and other businesses, and focusing on creating a new highland of modern service industry connecting China and the world.

Gold Sponsorship: ECARX

ECARX (Nasdaq: ECX) is a global mobility-tech company partnering with OEMs to reshape the automotive landscape as the industry transitions to an all-electric future. As OEMs develop new vehicle platforms from the ground up, ECARX is developing a full-stack solution – central computer, System-on-a-Chip (SoCs) and software to help continuously improve the in-car user experience. The company’s products have been integrated into more than 3.7 million cars worldwide, and it continues to shape the interaction between people and vehicles by rapidly advancing the technology at the heart of smart mobility.

ECARX was founded in 2017. The co-founders are two automotive entrepreneurs, Chairman and CEO Ziyu Shen, and Eric Li (Li Shufu), who is also the founder and chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group – one of the largest automotive groups in the world, with ownership interests in international brand OEMs including Lotus, Lynk & Co, Polestar, smart and Volvo Cars.

Gold Sponsorship: Hiil Real Estate Development Company

Hill is one of the top fifteen property developers in the UK, founded in 1999, with a reputation for residential developments in London and the Southeast of England. In addition to its headquarters in the northern London town of Waltham Abbey, Hill has branches in Cambridge, Norwich and elsewhere.

Hill has received a number of accolades in recent years, with its building Athena winning the Eco-Housing Award at the London Evening Standard New Homes Awards this year. In addition, in 2018, he won two awards at the Cambridge News Property Awards 2018, and was awarded the title of WhatHouse in the same year. Awards named Homebuilder of the Year.

Gold Sponsor: Healthy Air Technology

Healthy Air Technology Ltd was established in Oxford, UK, to provide innovative, pure, safe, and healthy air purification solutions. The company invests in research in the UK and China, invents, manufactures and deploys solutions to one of the world’s toughest challenges, advocates green homes, and provides you with innovative, environmentally friendly, efficient and safe indoor air purification solutions for indoor formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful odorous gases as well as viruses and bacteria in the air.

Healthy Air products are sold in more than 10 countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore, Nigeria, etc., and are widely praised by consumers in many countries around the world, including Healthy AstraZeneca, Private Eye, Mars, etc., which are the first choice of European hospitals and dentists, and British Olympic athletes are also our loyal users.

Other Sponsors


COSSET is a treasure brand from the UK, originated from Dr Charlie’s laboratory in the UK, independent laboratory formulation, always at the forefront of science and technology, to provide consumers with the latest and most cutting-edge technology skin beauty products as its own responsibility.

Market House

Located in Market Square, the heart of Cambridge, Market House features a modern, Chinese-infused five-storey space including high-end restaurants, private rooms, wine bars, cooking classrooms and flexible meeting spaces. It is the perfect choice for dining and gatherings with family, friends and colleagues

Cambridge Hacklab Academy

Founded in 2019, Cambridge Hacklab Academy has an elite team of doctors, experts, and entrepreneurs mainly from the fields of education, computer, engineering and technological innovation. Recently, through the operation of its own brand BinaryBots, a British educational robot, Cambridge Hacklab Academy provides educational courses such as 3D printing, computer programming, robotics and the Internet of Things, and is committed to providing sustainable STEAM education for the next generation.

Gallon Mortgage

Gallon Mortgage is a market-wide independent mortgage consulting company registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with registration number 978097. We curate loan products from over 90 lenders across the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. The fastest loan application approval is 5 days, and we will evaluate and provide you with the most suitable loan product within 15 minutes for free. Consult WeChat: gallonfs.


A new generation brand specializing in prepared meals with fresh ingredients, committed to providing fresh and delicious, restaurant-level formula meals. Adhering to the original flavour, local ingredients, and the health concept of no additives, the praise rate has been 100% since its launch. Convenient operation, no need to use a knife, fool-like operation at home to restore the restaurant level in five minutes. Help you eliminate the most complicated cooking steps and retain the ambiance of cooking at home.

The Wowza team was transformed from the Top1 Internet celebrity restaurant in Newcastle. Since its opening, it has won the Santander Bank Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award. The Dining in the Sky restaurant project in Newcastle has so far been the only Chinese restaurant to be invited, and the Foodie Festival is the first to invite a Chinese restaurant. WowzaBox adheres to the original intention and hopes to pass on this insistence on deliciousness and health to more people and more places.

In a foreign land, with the tip of my tongue at home.


Cambridge Chinese Community New Year Gala tickets for free! Anyone who participates in Wukong’s free online courses will receive a set ticket (including one child and one child) after completing one class. Each child can participate in Wukong’s Chinese and international mathematics double-subject free courses.

Scan Codes to get your free tickets.

Winners – Cambridge Chinese’s own Chinese supermarket

Address: 47 high street Cherry Hinton Cambridge CB1 9HX

Fresh Asia Dumplings

As long as it is the ingredients that appear in the dumplings, Xiangyuan will not hesitate to use the greatest cost and manpower

To pursue the most extreme and pure taste!

This is also the reason why Xiangyuan can still stand tall in Europe after 12 years

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Micisty’s main products are sports corsets, shapewear, butt lift pants, correction belts, shark pants, correction underwear, pyjamas, etc…

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Yantai Nishang Packaging Co.

Yantai Nishang Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Yantai, a beautiful port city in Shandong Province, China. With more than 20 years of brand inheritance, Yantai Nishang Packaging Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality packaging products and packaging solutions for global customers. Including recyclable, reusable and degradable environmental protection packaging bags and packaging products. All products can be personalized on request. Yantai Nishang Packaging Co., Ltd. is willing to relieve your worries about packaging, to provide beautiful clothes for your products, and to contribute to your brand building.

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