The Spring Festival Gala at the community centre will start this Sunday!

You may be as curious as the editor about what will be in this year’s temple fair?

Sometimes we can hear people saying the life abroad boring and feeling home sick. What we want to do is to let us – overseas Chinese and those who are interested in Chinese culture have a taste of the New Year celebration at home. Especially for those children born overseas, what does the new year celebration look like? The strongest “new year memory” for us may be the lively scenes with family members, maybe eating together, maybe watching TV together, maybe visiting the market or temple fair together. . . No good memory is possible without the company of loved ones.

The purpose of the Spring Festival Gala at the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre is to create an environment where families can get together, so that friends can also have the opportunity to celebrate the Spring Festival with their relatives and friends, and let children born overseas feel the atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture. I hope these efforts can leave some unforgettable moments in our memories.

Event Date and Venue

January 22, 2023 this Sunday

The Netherhall School Atrium hall

Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge CB1 8NN

Temple Fair

Time: January 22, 2023, 11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Tickets: Free admission

Gala and Lucky Draw

Time: 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Ticket price: Premier £20.00 for adults, £10.00 for children

Standard Adult £10, Child £5

How to buy tickets

Online ticket purchase link:

Physical ticket

Winner’s Chinese Supermarket

47 High St, Cambridge CB1 9HX

Or simple try your luck and buy at the entrance

The venue of this temple fair is Netherhall School. The fair will be held simultaneously with the Spring Festival Gala. In order to let everyone can shopping conformably in the cold winter, we have the temple fair indoor and it is more suitable for a family. Not only so many delicious traditional Chinese snacks will be provided, but also we have much to offer.

Let us have a look at whats on Spring Festival Temple Fair.

Chinese Community Centre Stall

Cambridge Chinese Community Centre has specially imported a variety of Chinese New Year goods from China for everyone.

  • Nostalgic candy stall, including classic white rabbit candy, traditional glutinous rice sticks, old-fashioned sesame candy sticks, peanut nougat, and Beijing prawn candy. There are also freshly made fruit candied haws and fruit marshmallow chocolate towers, etc.
  • New Year’s goods and gift stall. Goods with the theme of the Year of the Rabbit, such as red envelopes, small ornaments, paper-cuts for the Spring Festival, cultural calendars, paper-cut lanterns for children’s festivals…,
  • Tea/Coffee stall. Serve tea/coffee, water, beverages
  • Safety emergency point.

Cambridge 1+1 Roujiamo

1+1 Roujiamo has been welcomed by consumers in Cambridge since its opening. The key to eating Roujiamo is to eat it while it is hot. Therefore you hear the crispy sound.

At this year’s temple fair, in order to thank the Cambridge customers, the boss personally brought us the Roujiamo, which is crispy and fragrant, fat but not greasy, and thin but not sticky.

Coupled with the explosive cold skin, authentic taste! The homemade handmade noodles are firm and smooth, served with a variety of secret soup bases. Freshly baked smoked chicken was also prepared that day. The quantity is limited, so you must arrive early to have it.

Eat dumplings

Dumplings are a must in many Chinese New Year’s Eve dinners. Our temple fair cannot be without dumplings. Freshly cooked, fried dumplings will be served on site. In addition to some free samples of dumplings provided by Fresh Asian, Winners Chinese Supermarket has prepared a lot of dumplings as well.

In addition to eating on the spot, we also prepared for everyone to take away. Every audience present will also receive a buy three get one free coupon sponsored by Fresh Asian Dumplings, which can be used at Winners Chinese Super market at 47 high street Cherry Hinton Cambridge CB1 9HX.

Northeast handmade fried dough twist(Mahua)

The legend of Mahua was invented in Eastern Han Dynasty, and it is a traditional Chinese food. Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, was a fan of it. he even wrote a poem praising twist.

The handmade Mahua of Ms Sun was a popular food in the 2017 dragon boat festival organised by Cambridge Chinese Community Centre, and the supply was in short. Golden, sweet and crisp, sweet but not greasy, fresh taste, fragrant on the teeth and cheeks; delicious and not oily. Many people are still asking where can I eat it again? Thanks to Ms Sun, everyone can eat fragrant twists at this year’s temple fair.

In addition to Mahua, she will also have marshmallows.

Daoxiangcun snacks

Beijing Daoxiangcun is a well-known traditional food enterprise both at home and abroad. It was set up in Qing Dynasty, keeps its traditional ways of making, and has become a representative food in Beijing. We are so honoured to have their products in our fair.

Market House:Wines Made in China & a lot more

Modern and stylishMarket House, five-floor space, smartly integrated with Chinese elements, includes high-end restaurants, private rooms, charming wine bars, exquisite cooking classrooms and flexible meeting spaces. Market House is the ideal place to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and colleagues.
In their stall, they have selected Portuguese Barão de Vilar port wine for you, three special red wines from China, premium coffee beans directly harvested and roasted locally in Central America, Cambridge breakfast tea and Pump Street chocolate. 

Hi Sweety Dessert Milk Tea

Hi sweety, will bring us a date of cake and milk tea! Mainly engaged in birthday cakes, wedding cakes, Chinese signature desserts, Yangzhi Ganlu, Mango Black Glutinous Rice Coconut Juice. The black tea base of the milk tea is Yunnan Dianhong black tea, which we use to make Yunnan special tea drinks, short cakes, wife cakes, red bean cakes, cloud leg cakes, and rose cakes. They are also hot products in the store. You can taste and buy it at the temple fair. Sweet and beautiful Spring Festival

Wowzabox online celebrity pre-made meals

A new generation brand specializing in prepared meals with fresh ingredients, committed to providing fresh and delicious, restaurant-level formula meals. Adhering to the original flavor, local ingredients, and the health concept of no additives, the praise rate has been 100% since its launch.

In order to let you enjoy the delicious food as soon as possible, follow the official account of Cambridge Chinese Community Center, order now and enjoy the discount code: CCCCNY23 (the discount code expires on March 31, 2022, and can be used once per account) https://wowzabox. com

Chinese Painting Workshop (Mr. Yisong)

Teacher Yisong is a Chinese painting painter living in Cambridge. He has been teaching for more than 30 years and is Italian. The Chinese painting courses (adults & children) he offered at the Cambridge Chinese Center are widely welcomed by parents and children. At this Spring Festival temple fair, we specially invited him to the scene to lead the children to paint Chinese paintings with ink and ink. There are also adult and children’s students in the Chinese painting class and the work exhibition of Mr. Yisong waiting for you to enjoy.

Chinese Calligraphy:Write Blessings

Huang Xinyue, whose English name is Iris, is a ninth-grade student. She has learned calligraphy since she was a child, and loves Chinese culture. In her spare time, she likes to play Guqin, Guzheng, and practice brush calligraphy.

Year of the Rabbit Auspicious Painting Art Workshop

Skyla Wang, a graphic designer and illustrator who graduated from the Cambridge School of Art with a major in children’s book illustration, and a children’s art teacher from Littletree Art Studio, will come to the temple fair to lead the children to make auspicious pictures of the Year of the Rabbit by combining painting and collage for children to enjoy Art time and take away the red and white two-color New Year picture bunny with paper-cut effect that I made by myself, bringing good luck in the Year of the Rabbit to children and family members.

Cambridge Guqin Club

The Cambridge Guqin Club started the first Guqin class before the epidemic. In the past three years, under the careful cultivation of musician Dr. Cheng Yu and the teachers of the London Youlan Qin Club, and with the strong support of the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre. In addition to holding regular gatherings and practising together, the club also actively participates in various large-scale celebrations, doing their best to let more local people get knowing the oldest music of the nation.

You are welcome to come and have a close contact with the oldest musical instrument of the China with a history of 3,000 years – the Guqin, the sound of the Qin is melodious, and you are welcome to share this pleasing ancient sound.

Cambridge Hacklab 3D Production Workshop

The Cambridge Hacklab will let us to make 3D together and enter the pioneering science and technology education.

Benxin Aroma Studio

Benxin Aroma Studio will bring professional conditioning grade essential oils to let you experience head therapy and ear therapy on the spot. They will also introduce essential oils and health knowledge, explain how to deal with some small daily situations at home, help everyone do independent health management, and pay attention to our own physical and mental health.

Peking Opera Art

Teachers from the China-British Opera Association will share the art of Peking Opera with us. You can experience the visual language of Chinese opera culture in three forms: coloring on flat paper, coloring on three-dimensional masks, and body painting. Children can also paint the masks of small animals, or experience face painting, so as to feel the festive and peaceful atmosphere of the Chinese New Year Temple Fair.

La Prairie Cambridge Welfare Stand

La Prairie’s John Lewis counter in Cambridge offers benefits for the Cambridge Chinese Spring Festival Gala. Each audience can get a free skin consultant reservation coupon.

Wukong Education sends gifts

Exquisite stationery boxes, canvas bags, and small lanterns will be given away at the temple fair!

Anyone who participates in Wukong’s free online courses will receive a set ticket (including one adult and one child) after completing one class, each child can participate in Wukong’s Chinese and international mathematics double-subject free courses.

Micisty Women’s Fashion

Micisty has a clear grasp of fashion, and gives full play to women’s self-confidence and charm.

Museum of Cambridge’s FREE ‘My Mini Museum’ 

Children are welcome to join in project and learn how to build mini museum on site.

Welcome everyone to join in our celebration on this Sunday.

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