Welcome to our Chinese for beginners’ class

China is an ancient country with 5000 years of civilization and an economy attracting growing attention in the world.

Chinese is the most widely used language in the world. Over 1.2 billion people are using the language. So, it cannot be hard to learn. 

If you want to 

·  know more about Chinese culture 

·  learn Chinese conversation and Chinese characters while listening to stories

·  experience the charming of Chinese and Chinese culture 

Come and join us! Let’s start the journey with the most qualified and experienced teacher – Professor Niu.

A Brief Bio of Profession Niu Ms Guangxia Niu is a professor of Shandong University of Arts and a visiting scholar of Cambridge University. Her bachelor’s degree is Chinese language and literature, and her master’s degree is Chinese language and linguistics. She obtained a Doctor degree of Literature and a Qualification Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language(Advanced).

Teaching plan

1. Teaching purpose: 

This teaching plan aims at non-native Chinese learners. It adopts progressive teaching approach to integrate Chinese culture into Chinese teaching. Each class will focus on the knowledge points involved in a core theme for interactive learning, supplemented by related videos, pictures and other multimedia course materials to enhance the intuition and interest of learning. So that learners can learn language while enhance the understanding and knowledge of Chinese culture.

2. Teaching course arrangement

(1) Phonetic Basis (Initial, Final and Tone),   Greetings and Self-introduction (Chinese name culture)

(2)  Numbers (Chinese culture in numbers)

(3) Expression of time, date, month and important festivals (including festival culture and the 24 solar terms in China)

(4)  Chinese Food (Food Culture)

(5)  Direction (Geomancy culture)

(6) Body parts (acupuncture and other traditional Chinese culture)

(7) Weather (different products and styles brought by different geographical conditions and climates from north to south, east to west in China)

(8) Sports (sports and fitness culture with Chinese characteristics such as Taiji Baduanjin)

(9)  Famous scenic spots (the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and other world-class cultural heritages)

(10) Plants and animals (totem of some minorities and China’s view of nature)

Entrance requirement: Zero Chinese knowledge required; the enthusiasm and interest in learning expected.

Venue: Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Road, Cambridge CB4 3NY

Time: Sunday afternoon

Fees: £9 per hour (could be less subject to the number of students)

Enquiries: Shia at edu@cambridgechinesecommunitycentre.co.uk

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