2016 Chinese New Year Celebration

2016 Chinese New Year is fast approaching. Cambridge Chinese Community Centre would like to take this opportunity to invite you to celebrate this traditional Chinese festival and welcome the arrival of the Year of Monkey!


The Chinese New Year Celebration is one of our activities that was widely participated and most popular charitable activity. The Event has received warm support and enthusiastic help from many other communities and reflected multi-cultural exchange and merge. Our previous events have attracted the Mayors of Cambridge, representative of the Queen, MP, as well as the officials from Chinese Embassy and more than 400 Cambridge residents.

Our previous events have attracted media coverages in English and Chinese. One link of the reports in Cambridge News is:
http: //www.cambridge-news.co.uk/News/SLIDESHOW-Colourful-dancing-marks-Chinese-New-Year-in-Cambridge-20140202161750.htm

This year we expect an even better performance, with professional lighting and sound systems and video background introduced for the first time. Some famous performers from China who has performed at the Chines New Year Gala and other performers from London have expressed their wish to participate in our performance. We are expecting to present our audient an unforgettable New Year Celebration!


The annual Chinese New Year celebration also provides a great platform for all businesses to get in touch with Cambridge Chinese and expand their reputations. Our annual event always gets great responses and generous donations from individuals and firms. As a non-profit charity, we need not only volunteers’ selfless contribution, but also the financial supports from all sectors. To thank you for the love and generosity, we will make every effort to help expand our sponsors’ reputations and introduce their services. For instance, we may list our sponsors in our website and our newsletter; organize product workshop and so on. One the day we will provide sponsors a chance to introduce and sell products by themselves. We are currently calling for the title sponsors, golden, silver and bronze sponsors and all forms of sponsorships.

Cambridge has plenty of talented individuals. The gala is also aimed to provide a platform the interested people to demonstrate their talents. Now we are recruiting all sorts of performers. Any idea and any proposal are warmly welcome. We are looking forwards to your participation. Let us present a happy and peaceful together.


We also need many helpers to organise the event together. We are looking for director, assistant directors, program planners, co-ordinator, marketing, stage controller, lighting, sound effect, background etc. Please contact Ying Wu at: wuyingclarke70@hotmail.com; or mobile at: 07586734354.


Once again, we warmly invite you to join in our celebration and enjoy the festival together! Wish you have a joyous and happy Year of Monkey!