Cambridge Chinese Community Centre is a non-profit making, non-political UK registered charity, and the registered number is : No. 1111280. We are managed in accordance with the UK Charity Commission’s Code of Practice.

Our objectives are:

  • to promote the benefits of the Chinese Community Centre to both the Chinese & general public of Cambridge and the surrounding area
  • to promote racial harmony
  • to provide facilities for social contact, recreation and leisure-time activities to improve the quality of life of our members
  • to improve general welfare of our members

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History of Cambridge Chinese Community Centre

During the early period of our Chinese settlement in Cambridge, the Chinese were either scholars attached to the university or caterers. The scholars could utilise the facilities at the University, while the caterers have no place to congregate for social pleasure or business. Therefore they carried out most of their activities in each other’s home. Eventually the restrictions in numbers and space in one’s private home became too great and they came to realise that with a central point more Chinese could be invited to contribute in their functions.

Consequently, the C4 (short for Cambridge Chinese Community Centre) was formed in November 1997, with their own constitutions, aims and objectives. A committee of members, supported by the elderly, women and youth groups, managed the centre.

Our vision is to develop a focal point for information and services, to help our Chinese merge with mainstream society; to emerge from our invisibility to participate actively in the society we live in; and to work closely with other voluntary groups for statutory rights and equal opportunities. We also aim to be a resource to the wider community on issues relating to the understanding of our Chinese culture, arts and identity.

Through translation and interpretation, we facilitate access to statutory and other voluntary services to alleviate hardships, while providing support and advocacy to improve the quality of life and well being of those who are at disadvantage.

Therefore, for social activities, we carried on our traditions by celebrating our major festivals like Chinese New Year, Dragonboat festival, mid-autumn festival. In the millennium year 2000, with funding from the City Council and Awards for All, the Centre organised the Dragonboat tournament on Jesus Green by The River Cam. We were greatly privileged to have with us our Chinese Ambassador, the Honourable Ma Zhengang with his first and second secretaries, as well as The Right Honourable MP Mrs. Anne Campbell, the city’s Mayor, and representatives from our local political parties, police and government departments. The Chinese Labour chairperson with other distinguished guests from various Chinese organisations, made up the ten teams of competitors in the tournament. From the University, we had Sir Boyd of Churchill College and Dr. Yuan Boping from the Oriental Faculty. On that day we have thousands of spectators.

In 2002, we participated in celebrating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, followed by a Chinese culture project with the Cambridge Central Library.

Apart from the above, we meet at the Community Centre every Sunday, to offer our day to day services such as:

  • Free, impartial and confidential advice to our members
  • Free health checks by a Chinese acupuncturist, taking blood pressure, weight, answering basic medical queries and a glucose test
  • Keep fit, self-defence class, table-tennis, badminton, learning Chinese musical instruments, Karaoke, etc.
  • A light lunch and refreshments provided by the centre

In addition to the indoor activities we also arrange day outings, BBQs, health talks, workshops and many others which are beneficial to their health or employment.

In past years we have been funded by the Meet Project (European Social Fund) to help our members with employment. We worked closely with the Meet Project officers to offer them basic English and skills courses to enhance their employment opportunities.

Our members have increased from a handful to over two hundred now and at present, the most urgent need is for us to obtain a permanent address for our centre where we can truly carry out our services efficiently for the community.

We just hope this day is not far away, since it is impossible for a community to operate properly on a one-day basis.

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Trustee Board

(in no particular order)

Wei Sun, Shibo Shang, John Cheung, Wenbo Duan, Sammy Tsang, Xiangjun Huang, Shaoning, Yao, Anthony Reynolds
Bingrong Meng, Qi O’Neill, Jade Ng, Rebecca Ma, Yang Clarke, LiFeng Forster, Rose Chen, Lan Zhu

Executive Committee

Department Name Email
Chairman: DR Wei Sun
Vice Chairman: MR Zhixin Li (Executive)
MR Shibo Shang (Events)
MS Bingrong Meng (Entertainment)
MS Yang Shi(Education)
Secretary-General: MR John Cheung
MS Qun Yang
MS Jade Wu
Finance Department: MRS Qi O’Neill
MS Jade Ng
Ms Yuxue Liu
Education Department: MRS Sophie Yang
Tourism Department: MS Rose Chen
Sport Department: MR Sammy Tsang
MR Johnny Cheung
Liaison Department:
MR Anthony Reynolds
MS Rebecca Ma
Media Department:
Ms Jinzhao Li
Public Relations:
MRS Yang Clarke
MS Xiaoli Liu
Entertainment Department:
MRS Julie Zhu
IT Department:
MR Xiangjun Huang
MR Shaoning Yao
Health Department:
Ms Li Li
Senior Department:
MS Chunmei Jian
MS Dong Fang

Advisory Committee

Honorary Chairman
Honki Tse

Committee Members
(in no particular order)

Name Profile
Councillor Jeremy Benstead Former Mayor of Cambridge
Councillor Robert Dryden Former Mayer of Cambridge
Daniel Zeichner Member of Parliament for Cambridge
Barry Rider OBE Professor of Jesus College of the University of Cambridge
George Pippas Former Mayer of Cambridge
Lijuan Zhang Professor, Scientist of “The Thousand Talents Plan”
Xiaohong Fan Vice President of Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press of Beijing Foreign Studies University
Andy Tse UK Chinese Sport Association
Simon Payne Director Lambsquay Consulting of Cambridge Limited
Zhang YanHui TWI Consultant, Cambridge Unviersity PhD supervisor
Lu Hong LSE’s Confucius Institute Coordinator
Emma Brett Course Leader and Senior Lecturer, Public Service and Policing, ARU
Genlong Guo Deputy Director of Association of Cambridge startup investment, Director of Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Managing Director of Shenzhen Oriental Cambridge Investment Co.Ltd
Anna Song CEO of Hubei Britain Business Association, Vice Chairman of UK Chinese Business Association

How To Find Us

Cambridge Chinese Community Centre
Address: Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Road, Cambridge CB4 3NY

Open: Every Sunday 12pm to 4:30pm

Fixed Activity Timetables

Every Sunday
Program: Warm-up exercise
Time: Discontinued
Place: Cambridge Chinese Community Centre (C4)
Note:  Free
Program: Chinese Folk Dance
Time 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Place: Cambridge Chinese Community Centre (C4)
Note: 2 Pounds for each member
Program: Lion Dance
Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Place: Cambridge Chinese Community Centre (C4)
Note: Free
Program: Chess game
Time: Discontinued
Place: Cambridge Chinese Community Centre (C4)
Note: Free

2016 Major Event Plan

Jan Chinese New Year celebration – Click to See Report
Feb Health Qigong Lectures – Contact us for more info
Mar Visit Dutch bulfield and Chinese Market – Contact us for more info
Apr Woman Kara OK – Contact us for more info
May Dragon boat festival – Click to See Report
Jun AGM, CNC Cup Badminton Match – Click to See Report
Jul Relocation Preparation – Click to See more Info
Aug Summer BBQ – Contact us for more info
Sep Middle Autumn Festival – Contact us for more info
Oct Family Learning Day – Contact us for more info
Nov Chinese New Year Gala Planning and Rehearsal – Contact us for more info
Dec Christmas Dinner – Contact us for more info

Supporting Us

There are many ways in which you can support us, the Chinese Community in Cambridge. Three popular ways are listed below. Feel free to contact us.


Your time

Cambridge Chinese Community Centre (C4) needs volunteers to help with the social activities offered by the centre. Volunteers with special interests and skills are encouraged to initiate activities accordingly. For example, volunteers with creative skills can organise outdoor trips and activities. Likewise with sports, music, dance, karaoke and other activities can be arranged.

We also need volunteers with special skills and/or  to help in the following areas:

  • Writing ‘thank you’ letters
  • Responding to requests for information about C4
  • Editing and writing Newsletters
  • Organise functions.
  • Computer literate, highly organised / efficient
  • Community fundraising programme (Volunteers would have some experience of fundraising)
  • Website updating / maintaining

Your reasons for volunteering are as individual and diverse as you are.  No matter what your reasons you can get a lot out of volunteering and you will meet many interesting people.

Giving your time is a great way of building communities. At the same time you are also gaining experience and adding to your own personal skills

You can contact us by email.


By Paypal

The government encourages charitable giving by providing significant tax benefits when you make gifts to a qualified charity. The Gift Aid donation is a declaration you make when you give a one-off donation or wish to make regular payments to the charity. Gift Aid donations mean that the Centre receives the total donation without any Tax deductions.  This enables us to provide even better service to the community.

Your gift may be made in many ways:


Cash is still the most popular way to make a charitable gift and is easiest method for the donator.

Regular Donations  

Regular donations are extremely valuable to us because they allow us to plan future activities with greater confidence. There are two simple ways to make regular donations:

1. By Covenant

Covenant forms are available for a variety of timeframes from 1 to several years to suit both individuals and companies. Please speak to a member of C4 or email for advice on the most appropriate form for your requirements.

2. Payroll Giving

This is an excellent way of supporting the work of C4.  Donations are taken directly from pre-tax pay and are therefore completely free of tax. Payroll giving is the most tax efficient way of supporting the work of Charities.


People Know About Us

Spreading the word about our Community among your friends and associates helps us maintain and even increase our membership.