Notice of Election of Trustees

There will be an Annual General Meeting at the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre on the 16 June in the Community Centre at Trumpington Meadows Primary School, Kestrel Rise, Cambridge CB2 9AY.

The meeting will commence at 2pm with a presentation of a Trustee Report and Accounts for the last year. This will be followed by the election of trustees in accordance with our Constitution.

We therefore invite nominations from all Community Centre members (who joined before the 9th May 2019)for the following committee posts:

Honorary Officers:

1 – Chairman

2 –Treasurer

3 –Secretary

4 – Executive Committee members/trustees

Nominations for these positions may be limited depending on how many nominations are received for this position.

Closing date for receipt of Nominations shall be 8 June 2019

If there are more nominations than positions available for any of the above, there will be an election to allow members to vote. Voting for Honorary Officers will be by ‘ballot paper’ and for the Executive Committee by‘show of hands’

All nominated members will be contacted after receipt of nominations to confirm that they are willing to be considered for the post.  Those nominated for Honorary Officer positions will also be asked to prepare a short presentation of ideas, ideals and skills that they could bring to the position for the benefit of the Chinese Community in Cambridge.

Please send an email to to get nomination document. Alternatively, come to secretary John Cheung at the Community Centre every Sunday, 11am to 5pm.

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