Traditional Chinese Dance

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Chinese Dancing

Traditional Chinese Dance

The art of Chinese dance traces its origins to a time before the appearance of the first written Chinese characters. A study of ceramic artefacts with depictions of dancing figures reveals that people of the Neolithic Yangshao culture of around the fourth millennium B.C. already had choreographed group dances in which the participants locked arms and stamped their feet while singing to instrumental accompaniment.

Our Dancers performed a variety of Traditional Chinese Dances, such as Fan Dance, Red Ribbon Dance, Handkerchief Dance, Umbrella Dance, and etc.  Some dances are performed solo, while other in groups.  All the dances are performed in full-traditional Chinese costumes.

Fan Dance – This dance is a popular Yang Ge that was inherited from Southern China. Yang Ge is the traditional folk arts of the Han. Even though different styles of Yang Ge are influenced by different areas of customs, they all mostly express the feeling of joy.

Red Ribbon Dance is the symbol of happiness. It originated from Chinese opera and has been preserved for century and has become a traditional dance to perform during festival.

Handkerchief Dance originated in the North of China. It is famous for its skillful and difficult motions. It is one of the popular types of art among ordinary people in their daily lives. This kind of dance has spread all over China.


If you want a booking for the Chinese New Year, Chinese Wedding reception entertainment or to mark an opening or other auspicious occasion, please contact the Chinese Community Centre for more information.

Please find below how Cathy, the organiser of Cherry Hinton Festival 2014 said about our dance performance:

“I am writing to say thank you so much for the wonderful contribution that the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre made to the Festival Day on Saturday.

The children were absolutely lovely and do please pass on from us how grateful we are to them for coming along and giving such a delightful performance! I hope that they enjoyed the experience.

All of the adult performances were beautiful and captivating and it was a great pleasure to watch them and learn a little more about the history and culture involved. The lion dance was fascinating and so much fun and made a much appreciated lively start to our Festival.

It was of course a great shame about the weather but I hope that you felt as we did that it was still a happy community event.”

Cathy, Cherry Hinton organiser, Cherry Hinton Festival 2014