Survey for relocation to Trumpington Meadows Primiary School

Dear Members,

The Cambridge Chinese Community Centre has the opportunity to move to a new venue – Trumpington Meadows Primary School. This is partly due to the present school (Queen Edith Primary School) being reluctant to give us a longer secured contract term and there have been some communication problems recently regarding additional space when needed. As our numbers are growing with the variety of classes we need to ensure that we can accommodate everyone in comfortable and modern surroundings.

The new venue offers clean modern facilities which include a large hall, a reasonable size meeting room, the use of the kitchen for key volunteers, a reasonable size storage facility, modern clean toilets and some enclosed play/rest area for the children and adults. There is also a good size reception area that could be a useful space.

All the play areas within the school ground are enclosed and safely tucked away from any major roads. There is also a public enclosed safe play area with high fence just outside the school where children could play under suitable adult supervision. A good size car parking area is situated nearby and can accommodate more than 20 cars.

There is an excellent bus service running from the city centre, even on a Sunday. It’s just a short walk from the Trumpington bus stop past the Waitrose supermarket.

Everyone who has seen this venue thinks this would make a great new Centre for us: however the committee feels it should inform all members to see if this new location would cause a problem to anyone. Please contact the secretary if you have any worries about this proposed move. We have to move fast to secure this fine venue so please let us know by 1st June 2016.

Trumpington Meadows Primary School Panorama

Trumpington Meadows Primary School 1

Trumpington Meadows Primary School 2

Trumpington Meadows Primary School 3

Trumpington Meadows Primary School 4

Trumpington Meadows Primary School 5