English Class

English Classes

Project: Pre-Entry level English classes

Sponsored by Skills Funding Agency and Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridge councilSkills Funding Agency

Aim: To learn basic conversational English to help members to improve employability, access to services and
social activities and to be able to continue to learn higher level English.

Target group: Chinese members who wish to learn some elementary English conversation to help them deal with
their everyday live and communicate effectively with main stream society. Particularly we will target those members who are unemployed,
lacking in confidence, socially isolated, and having difficulties accessing other learning opportunities. The course will address
Chinese community member needs.

Content: Greeting, how to make a GP/bank appointment, form filling, school admission and deal with housing issues.

The course: 15 sessions and 2 hours every week. Begin from Late October, preferably Sundays.

Tutor: Given by a qualified English teacher