Charming Hunan Cultural Show Ticket link

Venue: Atrium Hall, Netherhall School, Queen Ediths Way, Cambridge CB1 8NN Time: Saturday 7th July 2018. 6:30pm to 8:30pm Tickets: 1 paper tickets: You can get the tickets from different locations: Sunday 11am to 5pm Trumpington meadows Primary school, CB2 9AY Winners,47 High street, Cherry Hinton, CB1 9HX Orchid ,70 Newmarket Road, CB5 8DZ Tea House, 11

Traditional Chinese Puppet Show

The traditional Chinese puppet show is, alongside Sanskrit and Ancient Greek, one of the world’s three ancient performance arts. It has more than 2000 years history, and has been listed as a national cultural heritage in China since 2006. The Chinese Puppet Show breaks down borders, as there is no language barrier to enjoyment. Its

【中国侨网】“四海同春” 亮相英国 观众齐唱《大中国》

#侨话新春# 【“四海同春” 亮相英国 观众齐唱《大中国》】当地时间22日晚,英国剑桥市政厅变成欢乐的海洋。2018年“四海同春”慰侨演出亮相此间,为当地侨胞们献上一台充满中华文化魅力的艺术盛宴。 戳↓↓↓看,观众席上的侨胞挥舞五星红旗,与歌手金响一起合唱《大中国》。(记者 冉文娟)中国侨网的秒拍视频(请点击阅读原文)