Countdown to the 2017 Cambridge Chinese Community Centre Mid-Autumn Festival

Countdown to the 2017 Cambridge Chinese Community Centre Mid-Autumn Festival

With the care and support of everyone from the community, after all the intense preparations, the 2017 Cambridge Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is gaining momentum to begin this weekend!

 Time: 24th September, 2017 (Sunday) from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm 

Location: Parker’s Piece Park, Cambridge CB1 1NA (opposite the Cambridge Police Department)

Free admission and activities: the first 400 to attend will receive a free gift of lamb skewers!

What are the highlights of this event? Let’s take a look…

Highlights I. 19 groups from across the UK are participating in this year’s Cambridge Mid-Autumn Festival. The preparations for this event received the strong support of many associations and organizations who contributed to and sponsored this event.

-The Cambridge Chinese Venture Capital Association

-The China Town Crest Trust organized and sponsored the Cambridge Mid-Autumn Festival football match and children’s entertainment district

– The Federation of Cambridge University gave advice and suggestions, and actively promote the community. The Jian He Wind Literature Society also specially organized Mid-Autumn Festival activities for the creative writing competition and poetry recital

-Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations have also been strongly supported by the Cambridgeshire County Council. The Chairman, the deputy Mayor of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire Police Commander will be attending the event. Daniel Zeichner, an MP for the City Council, is unable to attend but his wife Mrs. Budge Ziolkowska will attend the event on his behalf and will send holiday greetings to the Cambridge community

Highlights II. Colorful cultural performances

The Cambridge Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival will also present a wealth of traditional Chinese cultural performances for everyone to enjoy, featuring both traditional and modern aspects of the festival from across the UK. We are very honored to welcome future Dr. Deng ChanHu from CCTV-1’s show “《加油向未来》”, famous baritone singer Professor Cao Qun, China’s new singer He Xin and other special guests.

The Portsmouth Chinese Community will be performing classical dance and traditional Chinese shows and other programs will also be taking place such as poetry readings from the Jian He Wind Literature society, a ‘Shanghai night’ show from Coventry, acts from the British Health Qigong Association, Cucurbit song accompaniment dance performances, the Norwich Chinese Centre Children’s Choir and much more. Adult and children dance teams at the Chinese community centre in Cambridge also prepared traditional Chinese and children’s dance programs for the event.

There are many groups and soloists singing for us, including ‘Happy Girls’, China’s New Songs, and Hazel He from UEA Business School in Norwich. We are fortunate to have invited a famous English-Chinese baritone singer and educator Professor Cao Qun who will be performing for us: Yue Fei’s “Azolla”, “River of Red” Arias of Figaro and “不要再做情郎了” from Mozart’s opera ‘Figaro’s marriage’.

Since the eighties, Professor Cao has won numerous awards in international vocal competitions and as a music critic, produced a series of popular music programs for BBC International in the 1990s. As the first “Chutian Scholar” in 2000, he served as vice president of Wuhan Conservatory of Music and director of the Department of Vocal Music. Since 2003, he has held leadership positions in a number of British universities and is committed to cooperation in Sino-British international education. He is currently the Vice-Chancellor for China Affairs at Leicester University, Executive Vice President of Westminster City College in London, Senior Consultant at Aberdeen Public School, and Senior Consultant at ECIS (European) International School Council! From 2004 to 2010, as a guest commentator, he participated in the live broadcast of the annual BBC Summer Promenade. He deliberately took the time to make a special trip from London to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us. We sincerely thank Professor Cao for agreeing to perform for us!

Deng Chuhan, a Ph.D. student in the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge, who devoted himself to popularizing science and public welfare will be attending as one of the hosts of this event. He is currently the Ambassador of both the China Association for Science and Technology Popularization of China and the China Love Eye Charity Foundation. Deng Chuhan also participated in China’s first student puzzle program – 《天才知道》and won the national championship of the second season. He also plays a part in CCTV-1’s show “《加油向未来》” as a doctor helping to solve other people’s problems.

Lin Lu, who is currently studying at the University of East Anglia in Media Culture and Society and who graduated with a bachelors degree from Nankai University, will also be a host of the festival. In China, she is also a part-time presenter of commercial performances and a wedding host.  

Highlights III. Of course, the Mid-Autumn festivities would not be complete without Chinese food! Like during this year’s Cambridge Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, there will be a large gourmet tent on the lawn of Parker’s Piece in Cambridge in which there will be an array of traditional foods to try. Famous Chinese restaurants in Cambridge such as Charlie Chan and Orchid will be present to showcase their culinary skills.

Traditional Taiwanese snacks will also be a highlight of the event, including Taiwan beef noodles, salted crispy chicken, braised pork rice, handmade pineapple cakes (known as London’s first wheel cake), glutinous rice cakes and pearl milk tea.This year also brings steamed buns and of course there are moon cakes, essential for any Mid-Autumn Festival!In addition to Chinese food, there will also be Thai food as well. There is plenty to discover! As well as taking care of your stomach, one must also take care of their life and home. In the tent there will also be free advice services. A local senior housing lending specialist in Cambridge, James Heron from Just Mortgages, will be able to answer your questions. AlphaProperty Management, a Cambridge real estate management company, is also offering free answers to questions about rental and management of your home.Crayfish Freelancer will also provide free counseling and advice on how to use language skills to make use of your spare time not only to help your bank account but also to benefit yourself. Highlights IV. Children’s activities This year, in addition to the traditional slides and bouncy castles, to encourage family fun, Cambridge China Trust have also arranged ‘Human Bar’ football events with prizes to the champions. Everyone is welcomed to participate! 


Apart from these outdoor events for children, of course, the traditional activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival should not be missed with activities such as lantern making, riddles, Chinese calligraphy, traditional handicrafts, face painting and paper cutting as well as small competitions. The Chinese Community Centre also specially created traditional lanterns for children for this event. Highlights V. Mid-Autumn Festival reunion; Hot-pot dinner In addition to preparing a wealth of activities for everyone during the day, we have also organized a hot buffet dinner for everyone with friends and family.The dinner will be held at the recently opened Cambridge Chinese Restaurant: Tea House. Hotpots can be both individual or shared. There is a variety of seafood, lamb, beef, pork, vegetables and vegetarian, as well as soft drinks. During the daytime activities on the 24th, we will be giving out discount vouchers with a buffet coupon of £10 per person. Time: 6:00 pm  Location: Tea House, 11 Napier Street, CB1 1HR


Highlights VI. The Cambridge Mid-Autumn Festival football tournament. During the event, the tournament will also be held in Parker’s Piece in Cambridge, please welcome friends to participate in cheering on the players!

Event organizers and sponsors:

The smooth preparations for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival would not be possible without our many co-sponsors and major sponsors. This event has also been supported by several agencies, including:

  • 剑桥华人社区中心(Cambridge Chinese Community Centre)
  • 剑桥大学学生学者联合会(Cambridge Chinese Students &Scholars Association),
  • 剑桥华人投资创业协会(Cambridge Chinese InvestorsAssociation),
  • 剑桥中国城信托(Cambridge Chinatown Trust),
  • 剑河风》文学社(River Cam Breeze)
  • 英中艺术文化交流中心(UKCN-ACE),
  • 英国健身气功联合会(HQFUK),
  • 英国黑龙江同乡会(UK Heilongjiang Association)
  • 诺里奇华人社区中心(Norwich Chinese Community Centre)
  • 英国江西总商会(Jiangxi Business Association)
  • 英国中山同乡会
  • 考切斯特中文学校
  • 朴茨茅斯华人社区
  • Watford华人社区
  • 考文垂华人社区
  • 英国天嘉艺术
  • 茶馆
  • Just Mortgage
  • Alpha Property Management

In addition to the participation of some of the community associations in Cambridge, some British organizations also worked hard to come and organize the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. The UKCNACE-UOB in Birmingham has been organizing and delivering great shows from afar. The Portsmouth Chinese Community Troupe travelled the furthest to come this year. Also participating were the British Health Qigong Association, the Heilongjiang Native Association, the Norwich Chinese Community Centre, the Colchester Chinese School, the British ZhongShan Association, the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, the Watford Chinese Association and the Coventry Chinese Church. British TianGang art, designed a beautiful backplane for the event.

This year, the event also received the strong support of other British clubs. The British-Chinese Arts and Cultural Exchange Centre prepared a rich program for the festival. The British Chungshan Association and the Patersmouth Chinese Community Centre are all supporting our activities in lots of different ways. Here, the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre expresses its deepest gratitude to the enthusiastic supporters of these events!

The event also received strong support from the Cambridge media. Cambridge’s most popular radio station, Cambridge Heart, will be participating as part of the event, and for the first time, the Cambridge Chinese charity Make Some Noise fundraiser will be present. This charity fund aims to help disadvantaged children and young people in Britain. We hope that their fund-raising activities will receive everyone’s support. It shows to all sectors of society that the Chinese communities are not only ethnic groups that have made a positive contribution to society by observing the law, they are also socially responsible and are caring towards people in poverty. Cambridge News and BBC Cambridgeshire will also be reporting on this event.

The Cambridge Chinese Community Centre invites you to come on September 24th!

Time: September 24th 2017 10:00 am -6: 00pm

Food and exhibitions 12:30 pm

Performing Arts Location: Parker’s Piece, CB1 1NA (opposite the Cambridge Police Department).


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