To achieve our Centre’s aims and objectives, provide more specific services, and build up closer connection with the people we serve, Cambridge Chinese Community Centre runs a membership system. Membership of the Charity is open to any person over the age of 18 years, reside in East Anglia, and agree to our constitution.

Cambridge Chinese Community Centre belongs to all the members. Every member has the right of voting and being appointed as honorary officer or memeber of Executive Committee in the election. Community centre is managed based on our constitution and majority rule in Executive Committee, that is elected by all members. The Executive Committee meetings are open to all members, and members are welcome to presend the Committee meeting. Minutes of meetings and financial reports are publicised to all members.

Our members have the priority in case of only limited positions are available in the events organised by the Centre. The benefits to the memebers are not only for our own activities, but also provided by other organisations for a discounted price for the services received by showing the membership card.

To apply for a membership, you can go to centre on Sunday or register online. At present the annual membership fee is 5 pounds and 20 pounds for 5 years. The address of the centre is Trumpington Meadows Primary School, Kestrel Rise, Cambridge CB2 9AY. Application online steps are: 1, apply online as shown below or download the Application Form; 2, submit the filled forms with signature to 3. Pay the membership fee to Centre Account shown below(in payment reference please add: mf: your name):
Cambridge Chinese Community Centre(CCCC)
Sort code: 20 17 35
Account number: 30414573

For online membership application, Please fill your info below


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