2016 Cambridge Chinese Community Centre Family Learning festival held successfully

Sponsored by Cambridge county council and Campaign for Learning,Family Learning Festival organised by CCCC was held successfully on 30th October 1pm to 4pm in Trumpington Meadows School。

This event will provide a great opportunity  to explore, increase understanding to the Chinese culture and participate in Chinese society.  Also a chance for all of us to increase our knowledge, enrich family life, or simply to enjoy the weekend.

This year there will be more activities than the last,including: Dumping making, Nuomici making, paper cutting, lion dance, Tai Chi, traditional Chinese musical instruments, yoga, the Chinese board game Go and 3D pringting pen etc.

The event has attract many families. While they experience different activities and imstrutment performances, they tasted fresh made or frozen dumpling sponsored by Fresh Asian dumplings.



Paper cutting organised by Miss Shiqi Gao

Paper folding by Miss Yunlin Chen

Dr Rongsheng Zhang’s eSUN 3D printing pen

Ms Xiaoqi Zhu and Yuxue’s Nuomici making

Wendy & SammyTaiji exercise

Wendy & John Lion Dancing

Ms Lijuan Sun and Mr Shibo Shang’s Dumping making

Instrument performance from UK-China Arts and Cultural Exchange Centre

Ms Yang Dong’s pumpkin carving & painting

Face painting by Ms Xin Xia and Miss Wenxuan  Zhao

Knitting by Weiyu Wu, Go by Mr Yuxiang Lou and Acupuncture by Dr Xue Guo

Badunjin by Ms Guolan Zhao

Some volunteers

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