St. Neot’s Dragon Boat Festival

The 2016 annual St. Neot’s Dragon Boat Festival was held on the 20th August.  Since its inception in 1997, it has grown to be an influential, attractive and well attended event in this small thriving town.  Our Chinese Community Centre has been performing here for the last four years with Traditional Chinese dances.  This year we provided nearly one hour of entertainment with six different performances comprising: Lion Dance, three different Traditional Chinese Folk Dances, Chens TaiChi demonstration and the TaiChiKungFu Fan Dance.  As in past years our enthusiastic performers were warmly welcomed and applauded by the many people attending the Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival originated in China and traditionally bears the meaning of a prayer for good weather and a good harvest throughout the year.  More recently it has attracted much interest both here in the UK and throughout the world as an opportunity to race competitively on water, usually the local river.

Attending this and other similar events, our Community Centre Performance teams are able to spread Traditional Chinese cultures to the local community and also maintain a good and healthy relationship with local residents.



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