Service For Elderly

Service for Elderly Caring for elderly and the youth is a traditional Chinese virtues. In order to allow more seniors to participate in the Centre’s activities, and provide better service for the elderly members, we have applied for funding allocation and have received approval from the Cambridge City Council. We would like to have the

Traditional Chinese Dance

Dance Performing for hiring Traditional Chinese Dance The art of Chinese dance traces its origins to a time before the appearance of the first written Chinese characters. A study of ceramic artefacts with depictions of dancing figures reveals that people of the Neolithic Yangshao culture of around the fourth millennium B.C. already had choreographed group

Lion Dance

Lion Dance [wpvideo HvFNmPEL] Practice and Learning Lion Dance are organised on every Sunday afternoon 3:30-4:30, at Trumpington Meadows Primary School, Kestrel Rise, Cambridge CB2 9AY. Lion / Unicorn Dances In Britain and around the world, Chinese Lion Dancers and Unicorn Dancers have played an importance part in many festivals. The lion dance is usually

Interpretation and Translation Service

Interpreting and Translation service We can provide interpreting and translation services to business and public services, e.g. police forces, GPs, hospitals, courts, social services, immigration, our interpreters are qualified and security vetted. We charge an hourly rate plus travel time and public transport/mileage (parking). Members of the Chinese Community Centre will enjoy a discount for