New Venue Timetable!

As our membership numbers continue to grow, our committee members have decided that we need a larger venue and more time to fit in all the exciting new activities that we intend to run. From the 6th July 2014 we will be meeting in the Main Hall at Queen Edith’s Primary School instead of the

Autumn Karaoke Night

After the success of the Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue, the Centre will be holding a Karaoke night at 6pm, Sunday 14th Sept, Orchid restaurant,70 Newmarket Road, Cambridge. £20 per person including dinner, tea, a soft drink, a bottle of wine per table, free Karaoke after dinner. You are all welcome to join us. Please click here

London Weekend Tour

Our tourism department is organizing a day trip to London. The time is October 19th 2014. £8 pound for adult and £5 for elderly (over 65) and children under 16. Please contact Lifeng or Chen Fang or Dong Yang as soon as possible. Email: Mobile: 07929657420(Lifeng) or 07530822388(Chen Fang) or (Yang) . Registration

Get Started in Cantonese

I met an English lady at a social function in the UK. She told me that for many years she’d lived in Hong Kong. When she eventually decided to learn a Chinese language, she chose Mandarin/Putonghua. Her case is not unusual, because Mandarin is the preferred Chinese language in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. There are